Writer | New Englander | Editor | Hiker

My name is Nicole Vallely.  I am a writer/editor seeking work in print and web media. Born, raised and educated in New England, I've cultivated a keen sense for the region's local color.  Before receiving my BA in Writing & Rhetoric from the University of Rhode Island, I worked as an Editorial Intern for Rhode Island MonthlyMotif Magazineand The Valley Breeze.  To view my published work, visit my Internship Experiences page!


Most recently, I worked as the Script Supervisor for the indie feature Tiptoe Through.  This role immersed me in an entirely new playing field.  I adapted from writer to editor accordingly.  I felt entirely in my element!  See Recent Work for more info.

When I'm not writing, I enjoy hiking trails along the northeast, watching true crime docuseries, and keeping up with current blockbusters.  I would love to weave these interests into my work in the future.  With the sweat of collegiate study finally dried from my forehead, I'm ready to tackle any and all genres and styles in the literary world!